Newish! Cyborg Giraffe Cleans House! (The Drabblecast, Episode 378)

The Empire State Building Strikes Back! (The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine)

Listen to Fluff and Buttons on the Teddy Bear Range at the Cossmass Infinities podcast!Cossmass Infinities is now defunct, but the files are here. Fluff is the first one on the page.

Now let’s jump on the Sofa!  I also do some stuff on the StarShipSofa podcast. Here are links to my Fiction Crawler pieces on that very show. Fiction Crawler is all about me recommending free stories on the internet that I love:

Newish! Fiction Crawler 16 (Episode 422)
Fiction Crawler 15 (episode 346)
Fiction Crawler 14 (episode 306)
Fiction Crawler 13 (episode 281)
Fiction Crawler 12 (Episode 222)
Fiction Crawler 11 (Episode 180)
Fiction Crawler 10 (Episode 159)
Fiction Crawler 9 (Episode 132)
Fiction Crawler 8 (episode 98)
Fiction Crawler 7 (episode 87)
Fiction Crawler 6 (episode 80)
Fiction Crawler 5 (episode 68)
Fiction Crawler 4 (episode 60)
Fiction Crawler 3 (episode 51)
Fiction Crawler 2 (episode 45)
Fiction Crawler 1 (episode 40)

And I’ve also had one non-crawling article on the show:
Jim Sawgrass and the Family Bulbs (episode 36)

In addition to all of that, I’ve had some of my fiction featured on the show (listed alphabetically):

About Face (Episode 362)
Brothers and Sisters All (episode 68)
A Hard Rain (episode 54)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Diplomat (Episode 89)
The Ones That Got Away (episode 158)
Sunday Dinner (episode 31)

And if that’s not enough, here’s an interview Tony C. Smith did with me on the StarShipSofa podcast. We talk about some behind the scenes action at Beware the Hairy Mango, convention fun, and what was happening with my writing at the time, including his collaborative project with Cerberus! (It starts at the 30 minute mark) StarShipSofa episode 335