The Dritty Doesen

Art by Galen Dara

When the going gets tough, some get going, some get out, and some get a little odd in the head. These stories are what happens when I do that third one. Part of me said, “What the hell? Why not?” as I dove into the writing of each one of these twelve stories. These tales contain frogs used as public transportation! Stray thoughts captured in neural nets! Multi-gorillas! Electric feathers! People swap body parts, cities behave naughtily, and snails are sprayed all over the place. Why aren’t you already reading this book?

You tell those who take comfort in their fortieth reading of Pride and Prejudice, “I walk a different path. I shall read the Dritty Doesen. When I have emerged from the other side of it, I shall not be the person you once knew.”

The Dritty Doesen consists of twelve of the my least reasonable stories:

     Aborted Love With Chaos Motor at Lucky Pierre’s
     The Ones That Got Away
     About Face
     A City on the Move
     The Hard Philosophy
     Dritty Does
     A Splitting Head
     The Empire State Building Strikes Back!
     All Flesh is Glass
     A Body is for Driving
     Steve Sepp, Tasty! Tasty!
     Electric Ladyland

Each story is followed by an afterword that tells of “The Story Behind the Story,” describing the inspiration and process that went into its creation.

You are so lucky.

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